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Holy cow, this is wonderful. It's hard to come by a chippy song that sounds so epic! I really dig the way you did the rain and thunder sounds. The only thing I don't like is that the rain is a constant white noise through the song, it's kind of dull and my ears go straight to it. Other than that you have a great song here. (I voted 5)

Not bad at all!

You're indeed right, the song was held back a lot by the recording equipment. It does sound like you must have done some editing in a DAW because I think I hear reverb. If you did edit it, you could probably have improved the song by boosting the high end.

Audio quality aside, I rather liked the song. Very relaxing, it made me picture living in a house by the highway in the summer for some reason. The only thing about the composition is that it never quite seems to take off. I think perhaps you played a lot of it spontaneously. It shows in places where you play the same note over again in sort of a stuttering kind of way rather than being adventurous and branching out.

Anyway, I made a lot of assumptions with this review, I suppose you can let me know if I was right about them. If I'm totally wrong, I'm sorry to have annoyed you. I'm still learning.

ChaotixMachine responds:

Yes, I did do a lot of editing, most of it being various forms of equalization just so I could get the strings to be individually identifiable instead of everything sounding like one big muddled chord, lol. I did add some reverb too for atmosphere.

As for it not taking off, the song was actually made on a whim. I just took what I had in my head at the time and made it into as much of a reality as I could. I usually have a whole bunch of ideas whirling around at any given time, so it's hard to stay focused on just one. Not to mention, I don't have the skill with instruments to fully express all of them. Sometimes I get ideas where I have other instruments filling out certain voids in the sound, and obviously I can't do all instruments at one time, much less find the money to buy the actual instruments...

Sorry for going off on a little rant there, but sometimes it gets frustrating not being able to get something out you have in your head. In any case, you are right about the song being very spontaneous, since it was. :P I've also been fixated on a few of the riffs in this song, which probably led to not being able to branch out into something else as easily.

Thanks for the review!

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